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Fall Conference

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The MCTM Fall Conference will be on Friday and Saturday, December 1-2, 2017, in Columbia, MO, at the Holiday Inn Executive Center.  

The 2016 Conference App for the MCTM Fall Conference is now available for download to your phones!  

Before you download the 2016 app, please delete last year’s 2015 Conference app if it is currently on your phone.  Then go to the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and download the SHOW-ME-MCTM app for this year’s Conference. Please note that you will be able to not only evaluate individual sessions, but will also be able to evaluate the entire MCTM Conference itself by using this app. In order to evaluate the individual sessions, simply press Session Evaluation at the conclusion of the individual listing for that session.  The entire Conference can be evaluated by pressing Conference Survey or simply Survey on the opening page of the app itself.  Once you have pressed Submit on either the individual session survey or the overall Conference survey, the button should turn red, indicating that it has been sent. Please do not hit Submit over and over again; each time you do that another evaluation is submitted. Please, if at all possible, use your own phone service to work with the app at the Conference.  If too many folks simultaneously use the Holiday Inn Wi-Fi, the service becomes extraordinarily show.  Enjoy!


Visit the Fall Conference Presentations page to see what we have scheduled for this year's MCTM Fall Conference!

Fall Conference Forms

Are you looking for information about NCTM Conferences?

Speaker Proposal Form

MCTM Fall Conference:  December 1-2, 2017


All correspondence will be sent to the PRIMARY speaker.

Registration fees for the Primary Speakers will be waived in the following instances:
  • at least one 60 minute presentation
  • at least one 90 minute presentation
Registration fees will be reduced to $50 for the Primary Speaker of a 30 minute presentation.  Anyone submitting a speaker proposal form for a 30 minute session should fill out a hard copy of the form and mail it to Charlene Atkins at the address provided.  

Any additional speakers will need to complete a registration form and pay the registration fee.

All other expenses are the responsibility of the speaker.

Please complete one form for each presentation you are submitting. Each proposal will be considered by MCTM. You will be notified of selection by September 15, 2017.

Questions? E-mail Charlene Atkins at

Would you rather download a Speaker Proposal Form and mail it to MCTM?

Speaker Proposal Form

Speaker Proposal Form
Primary speaker info:
First Name: Last Name:
 Address 1:
 Address 2:
State: Zip:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:

Affiliation/District/School (list one):
Teaching Level: Years Teaching:
Email Address:
Confirm Email:
Additional Speakers for this Presentation:  

Title of Presentation:  
Grade level for this session:   Session Type:
Check all that apply:
Mathematical Practices:

Content Strands:

Will you be integrating technology into your presentation?      
Technology: MCTM will supply a screen and a data projector with VGA cable in each room. Display port adapters and speakers must be provided by the presenter. Internet access is available. The following equipment is available by request only on a LIMITED basis.  
  • Additional projector
  • Additional screen  


Is the technology described above necessary for your presentation?  
List any additional equipment REQUIRED for your session.    (A Smartboard, an additional projector, or an additional screen can be arranged.  However, please consider all additional equipment requests very carefully.  Due to expensive costs for each additional item and room scheduling conflicts, late requests may be impossible to accommodate.)
Do you need tables for the participants attending your session?      
Would you be willing to present your session more than once?      
Do you have a preference on the day you present?        
Description of Presentation:
This is the description that will appear in the program book. Due to space restriction in the program book, please limit the description to a MAXIMUM of 40 words.
Leading and trailing spaces will be removed from all entries.

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