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Math & Art Contest

Math & Art 2019 Contest

Coordinator:  Ryun Deckert


All students in kindergarten through grade eight are eligible to enter the contest.  Each student may enter one piece of art in only one of the following categories:

·         Geometric Designs made with Markers, Colored Pencils, and Crayons:   Students make original designs using only markers, colored pencils, and crayons.

·         Geometric Designs made with Glued-on Shapes:   Students must cut the shapes, arrange the shapes, and glue the shapes in place to make an original design.

·         Tessellation Designs:   Students must make original tessellations using markers, crayons, colored pencils, or glued-on shapes. (TesselMania software cannot be used.)

·         Computer-Generated Geometric Designs:   The posters must be completely student-generated, not randomly generated by the computer.  In this contest, the computer should be utilized as a graphics tool.  Posters created by graphic optical character readers (OCR Scanners) will not be allowed.  The work on the poster must be done solely by the student under the supervision of the teacher.  Computer generated posters must also include the name of the software or graphics package used.


Posters must be two-dimensional and no larger than 9" by 12".  No part of the poster may be three-dimensional. Each poster must have the student's full name, grade level, school, teacher's name, and school address written clearly on the back.  Posters not following these rules will be disqualified.  All posters will be judged by a committee composed of elementary, secondary, and/or post-secondary instructors.  The posters will be judged by MCTM on creativity, originality in uses of geometry, accurate mathematics, and neatness.  Each teacher should evaluate posters from their students and submit the best ones for final judging.




REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  Entries must be postmarked by Monday, March 4, 2019.


Entry Form

Design downloaded from free website templates.